CJO – English Language and Liguistics 特刊出版

CJO – English Language and Liguistics 特刊出版

English Language and Liguistics, Vol. 15/Special Issue 02 – “英語中的名詞片語結構” 已經出刊,歡迎有興趣的讀者上網閱讀!


An open-sesame approach to English noun phrases: defining the NP (with an introduction to the special issue)

Grammatical change in the noun phrase: the influence of written language use

The development of intensification scales in noun-intensifying uses of adjectives: sources, paths and mechanisms of change

Noun ellipsis in English: adjectival modifiers and the role of context

English proforms: an alternative account

The Big Mess Construction: interactions between the lexicon and constructions

Genitive coordinations with personal pronouns

Left-peripheral expansion of the English NP