CJO – International Theory 限時免費線上閱讀

CJO – International Theory 限時免費線上閱讀

好康大放送!Cambridge Journls Online 限時開放 International Theory (IT) 2010 Issue 1與 Issue 2中的每一篇文章,現在,您可免費於線上閱讀下列文章 —

在【Issue 1】之中…

– Outsourcing the responsibility to protect: humanitarian intervention and private military and security companiesJames Pattison

* Enforcement and capacity building in international cooperationJohannes Urpelainen

* UN reform, biopolitics, and global governmentalityHans-Martin Jaeger

* Kantian nonideal theory and nuclear proliferationThomas E. Doyle

* ‘ Wahn, Wahn, Überall Wahn’: A reply to Jahn’s critique of liberal internationalismAndrew Moravcsik

* Universal languages?: A reply to MoravcsikBeate Jahn

* Tilting at windmills: a final reply to JahnAndrew Moravcsik

在【Issue 2】之中

* Global democracy: in the beginningRobert E. Goodin

* Liberal International theory: Eurocentric but not always Imperialist?Martin Hall and John M. Hobson

* The (classical) Realist vision of global reformWilliam E. Scheuerman

* War and the State: a synopsisR. Harrison Wagner

* The logic and illogic of the security dilemma and contemporary realism: a response to Wagner’s critiqueRandall L. Schweller

* The legacies of raison d’etat: a brief commentary on R. Harrison Wagner’s War and the StateMichael C. Williams

* On the limits of new foundations: a commentary on R. Harrison Wagner, War and the StateTarak Barkawi

* Comments on R. Harrison Wagner’s War and the State: The Theory of International PoliticsJames D. Fearon Read

* War and the State: reply to commentsR. Harrison Wagner

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