PsychiatryOnline 平台升級公告

PsychiatryOnline 平台升級公告

為了提供更優質的服務及平台功能,PsychiatryOnline將於10/26升級至Atypon's Literatum平台。平台網址及外觀將維持不變,所以不會造成用戶使用上的困擾。



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PsychiatryOnline Update
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Dear Institutional Subscriber,

I am writing to let you know about some exciting new developments on PsychiatryOnline.

In support of our vision for an improved and expanded PsychiatryOnline, we will be upgrading our platform (to Atypon’s Literatum) on October 29. While the platform will change, the URL for POL will remain the same: We anticipate that most subscribers will move to the new platform with minimal or no local changes required. In addition, at rollout, the look and feel of POL today will be retained, so end-users should have no difficulty transitioning.

The new platform offers APP a great deal of flexibility in terms of both design and content management. The benefits of which will be a wider selection of content moving forward, as well as new features and functions for the end-user.

We will ensure that you are kept up-to-date on planned changes and enhancements, giving you both the information and the tools that you need to manage POL for your institution. We will send regular emails with announcements and updates, and will be maintaining a dedicated web page with the latest information, documentation and links. The POL Updates webpage is located here:

On the Upgrade Page, you will find technical information, a link to add additional email addresses to the email update list, and a link to submit questions. In the future, you will find regularly updated documentation, enhancement announcements and planned rollout dates.

In a nutshell, in 2014 we are laying the groundwork for a vastly improved POL. As we move into 2015, we will notify you in advance of these exciting improvements and enhancements.


Christopher Keene
Sales Manager
American Psychiatric Publishing


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